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Antenna Fuzz is a music ensemble, varying in size and instrumentation, that collides genres of music including rock, jazz, pop, chamber, computer, and experimental music. Formed in 2015 in Southern California, this unique group brings a different perspective of art and music to the public. Antenna Fuzz’s unconventional instrumentation combines orchestral, rock, and computer instruments that, at times, include electric guitar, harp, violin, electric bass, keyboard, synthesizer, Nintendo Wiimote, flute, saxophone, voices, and drums. Comprised of alternating members, Antenna Fuzz is directed by Hassan Estakhrian.

Check out the ensemble performing a tune from Zolk Tizzer, the sci-fi rock opera

Fun Fact: "Antenna Fuzz" came from the title of one of Hassan's chamber pieces for eight trombones, which has no other correlation.

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