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Butterflies in Disguise 

As mentioned in the project description, my album Butterflies in Disguise is in its early stage of production. This page contains examples of my work that provide a sense of my style and what type of songs will be on this album. 

This first example is a live rendition of my song, "The World Is On." A studio version of this song will be produced for the album.

This second example is my audio-visual piece Junk Food of the Sea. This piece exemplifies my work in audio production. For instance, the percussion, flittering harmonies, and sound textures were all sculpted from samples of single-use plastics such as bottles, wrappers, and straws. This piece also shows how I touch on serious issues but in a playful manner. 

This last example is a sampler of my compositions made up of very short excerpts to demonstrate the breadth of work I produce across genres and media.

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