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My compositions range from pieces for traditional orchestral instruments to incorporating rock instruments and using Nintendo Wii controllers and other technologies to manipulate musical and extramusical elements. Below are some examples of my varied works.

Directional Animals is a multi-media composition/quasi-video game where animal avatars–turtle, cat, horse & bear–are directed through a 3D environment with Nintendo Wiimotes.

Vertical Turtle for baritone ukulele, violin, double bass, & percussion.

Vertical Turtle - Hassan Estakhrian

Antenna Fuzz for eight trombones.

Antenna Fuzz - Hassan Estakhrian

Warm Milk for solo acoustic guitar.

Warm Milk - Hassan Estakhrian

Motorcycle Fantastique 2.0 is written for 4 Nintendo Wiimotes that control recorded samples of electric guitar, a motorcycle engine and other sounds.

COZY and DRY for harp, flute, electric bass, soundscapes, and visuals. This piece attempts to provoke that relaxing and therapeutic state of mind that occurs when wet weather is just on the other side of the wall.

Persianality prelude for solo electric bass.

Persianality Prelude - Hassan Estakhrian

A Walk Through Tucquan Glen 

for solo piano.

A Walk Through Tucquan Glen - Hassan Estakhrian

Hi My Name Is Bill produced in Pro Tools with just electric bass and voice samples.

Hi My Name Is Bill - Hassan Estakhrian

Bingo Rap produced in Pro Tools with outtake from a frustrating recording session.

Bingo Rap - Hassan Estakhrian

Beat It/Whip It mash-up produced in Pro Tools with audio from two songs of Michael Jackson and Devo.

Beat It Whip It mash-up - Hassan Estakhrian
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