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This page contains my sampler of compositions as well as three works that represent my practice.

Composition Sampler

Glenn Gould Plays the Blues (2019) for fixed media and disklavier
Directional Animals (2014) for four Nintendo Wiimotes
The Almighty Motion (2016) in collaboration with Boroka Nagy & Ryan Schwalm
Zolk Tizzer and the Mitten of Miracles (2016)
This Town (2006-2019)
The World Is On (2019) performed by Ensemble Dal Niente and Hassan Estakhrian
Filling Out Paperwork (2018) performed by Ensemble Proton Bern
Two Bumps (2019) performed for Tak Ensemble
Lucerna Aeterna (Eternal Roomlight)(2017) for solo violin and electronics
Sandbox Aquarium (2018) for solo performer (voice and hands)
Corivade (2019) for electric bass and electronics
Once & Done (2019) for laptop orchestra, performed by SLOrk

Junk Food of the Sea (2021)

Junk Food of the Sea (2021) highlights an environmental crisis and our unsustainable relationship with ubiquitous, single-use plastics such as bottles, wrappers, and straws. The audio is a mixture of field recordings, layered voices, prepared piano, and plastic objects. The plastic audio samples are processed in several ways to act as sound textures, harmony, and percussion. For creating the sound textures, samples of plastics were processed through a Max/MSP patch that dynamically scrambles and mangles the recorded material. Flittering harmonies are created by blowing across the tops of plastic bottles and then shaping the recordings into a custom instrument by mapping them to a sampler and sculpting their musical characteristics to taste. Visuals are a mixture of video recordings and stop-motion animation that were developed while in residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna, Florida. 

Michele Cheng - piano
Hassan Estakhrian - voice, plastics, electronics, and video

picTyourScore (pandemic edition) (2020)

picTyourScore (pandemic edition) is an adaptive piece using graphic scorecards where musickers collectively interpret the cards as they appear in real time. The cards are randomly triggered by the "picTyourScore certified operator" who selects from various card types. Since the piece is adaptive, there are infinite outcomes. Three outcomes were recorded in this session. This is outcome #3.


Composed by Hassan Estakhrian Performed by JACK Quartet - Christopher Otto (violin), Austin Wulliman (violin), John Pickford Richards (viola), Jay Campbell (cello). Recorded by Christopher Botta on December 16, 2020 at Cary Hall, Dimenna Center, NYC

Interwebbed (feat. The Living Earth Show)

Cyclical demons have arisen. How long can we rely on our four-legged friends to distract us? Is Chuck Norris our only hope? Or is he, too, a false prophet? What seemed like a good idea has turned into a pandemic. Who knows what’s on the horizon? We've all been interwebbed.


1. Hello World (1:59)

2. Scroll On (1:46)

3. Dial Up (1:05)

4. Command T (3:10)

5. Media Showers (2:23)


Travis Andrews, electric guitar and voice

Hassan Estakhrian, electric bass and voice

Andy Meyerson, drum set

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