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Additional Creative Works

Wild LivingVariant 6 / Hassan Estakhrian
00:00 / 06:02

Wild Living (2020) for six voices was composed from field recordings of birds and other wild life. I listened through these field recordings at extremely slow playback rate. Much like the speech-to-song illusion where points of speech can sound like a melody, I discovered interesting moments of music that were then approximated to pitches and duration values and used as musical motives for the piece. This recording was performed by Variant 6 and mixed by me.

Once & Done (binaural mix)Hassan Estakhrian
00:00 / 07:41

Once & Done was originally composed for eleven laptops and performed by the Stanford Laptop Orchestra. This version is a 3rd-order ambisonic mix that I made and decoded to binaural for listening with headphones. The piece was developed in Max/MSP and uses samples I recorded of single-use plastics. The source material is digitally transformed and layered to produce sonorities at various levels of density. In one section the samples are played back at fast enough rates to produce the perception of pitch. These are set to ratios across the laptops to produce a spatialized harmonic progression.

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