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ZOLK TIZZER the sci-fi rock opera

Zolk Tizzer is a multimedia sci-fi rock opera with its story, music, and words created by Hassan Estakhrian in 2015. The concept was first brought to life in a live production featuring artwork by Greg Schober and dance choreography by Elke Calvert and Irishia Hubbard.


On a suicide space mission gone awry, Zolk Tizzer and his Fabricit crew set out on a galactic adventure in hopes of finding a new home where Fabricits and Privils can get along. Prepare to go on a cosmic voyage with Captain Tizzer, told through the magic of music, dance and visual stimulation.



On the planet Tagerges, two communities coexist, separated by a giant wall. One side is home to the high-class, affluent Privils. The other side is a dirty, overcrowded mess, occupied by the less fortunate Fabricits.

Fabricits are descendants of Privils. They contain Privil DNA but were originally fabricated in a laboratory 700-some years ago, and have always been treated as inferior beings because of this. They are able to naturally reproduce just like the Privils, however, mixed offspring between these two communities are forbidden.


Although overwhelmingly outnumbering the Privils, Fabricits are under their oppressive rule. Protests, epidemics, and outbreaks of violence are all contained by the Privils’ excessive control strategy, that is to say, bombs are dropped to obliterate anything and everything within a twenty-four mile radius of the problem area. This leaves the Fabricits instilled with a severe sense of helplessness and a fatalistic mentality.


For a sneak peak, check out some song excerpts from the original live production below...

Intergalactic Buffet
Little Green Men: the Encounter
Zolk Tizzer 1 videos
Suicide Mission
Toward the Stars
Our Kind
Little Green Men: the Battle
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