Hassan Estakhrian is a musical storyteller. He is a composer, performer, songwriter, intermedia artist, producer, music technologist, sound engineer, and educator. He is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (electric bass, guitar, keyboard, drum set, and other instruments) and the director of the music ensemble, Antenna Fuzz. He collides rock/funk/jazz with experimental/chamber music and incorporates electronics and various forms of media. 


Hassan’s compositional aesthetic is represented by a variety of quirky creations and narratives—animal avatars flown across a 3D simulated environment with Wiimotes manipulating various parameters of music, a musical game with graphic scorecards, sci-fi rock operas about turkey sandwiches and social inequality, a work framed around a sandbox, toys, a boy, and sea critters, and a mixed-chamber piece with prepared piano.


Over the course of his formal education, Hassan has studied with Mark Applebaum, Brian Ferneyhough, Erik Ulman, Nicole Mitchell, Chris Dobrian, Ko Umezaki, Michael Dessen, Robert Maggio, Adam Silverman, Larry Nelson, Van Stiefel, and others. He has earned a Bachelor of Music in Composition from West Chester University and a Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology from University of California, Irvine. 


Hassan is based in California (LA and Bay Area) and is currently working towards a doctoral degree in music composition at Stanford University where he is the recipient of The David R. Coelho Graduate Fellowship.